Looking Out For Caroline

Looking out for a girl called Caroline
The kinda girl a body likes to meet
Standing there like she couldnít care
with a heart that never missed a beat

She got a look and you know that
itís always there
Now wouldnít have it any other way
Daddyís card take her anywhere
There is no reason but I gotta say

Sheís your very best friend
When youíre digginí in a hole
She reads the good book
But she loves her rock n roll
She say what you like
but she's gonna take control
Caroline girl
Ya got a lot of soul

Gotta run gotta hide get us out of town
So where we go she ainít so far behind
Seems like another day in paradise
Another day for me to lose my mind

She'd be there anywhere given
half a chance
And I believe everybody knows
She is a girl that you canít ignore
and isnít that the way it always goes

So i'm never going back
Gotta keep a moviní on
Canít be doing this
When itís over dead and gone
No-one looking cool
Down the barrel of a gun
Come on Caroline
Still we gotta run
Come on Caroline

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