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Status Quo "Live At Montreux 2009"
Blu-ray [Cat. No. ERBRD5035]
DVD [Cat No EREDV756],
Deluxe Edition DVD [Cat. No. EREDV758].
Pictures - Live At Montreux 2009

Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce the simultaneous release on 12th October 2009 of Status Quo "Live At Montreux 2009" on Blu-ray, DVD, and Deluxe Edition DVD.

In July 2009 the Pictures live tour landed at Montreux in Switzerland as part of the world famous festival. The band delivered a blistering set of hits and classic tracks from across their career including no less than 18 UK Top 20 hits. This Pictures tour setlist has been hailed by many cognoscenti as the bands best ever.

Huge screens behind the stage illustrated high points from Quo's career and the usually reserved Swiss crowd knew they were in for a treat. Exclusive interviews filmed backstage at Montreux with the always entertaining Rossi and Parfitt are included as bonus features on these releases.

The Deluxe Edition of the release includes the full concert and interview footage from Montreux but also boasts the extended version of the new Biography Channel documentary on 40 years of Status Quo, a single CD of highlights from the Montreux performance and a substantial booklet.


1) Caroline
2) The Wanderer
3) Rain
4) Don't Drive My Car
5) Mean Girl / Softer Ride
6) Beginning Of The End
7) Is There A Better Way
8) Proposing Medley: What You're Proposing / Down The Dustpipe /
Little Lady / Red Sky / Dear John / Big Fat Mama
9) Pictures Of Matchstick Men / Ice In The Sun
10) The Oriental
11) Creepin' Up
12) In My Chair
13) Living On An Island
14) In The Army Now
15) The Killer
16) Roll Over Lay Down
17) Down Down
18) Whatever You Want
19) Rockin' All Over The World
20) Junior's Wailing
21) Rock 'n' Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny
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