Quo Albums 1973 - 1977

Hello (1973)
Produced by Status Quo
Roll Over Lay Down (Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan) Lyrics
Claudie (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Reason For Living (Rossi/Parfitt) Lyrics
Blue Eyed Lady (Lancaster/Parfitt) Lyrics
Caroline (Rossi/Young)Lyrics
Softer Ride (Lancaster/Parfitt) Lyrics
And It's Better Now (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Forty-Five Hundred Times (Rossi/Parfitt) Lyrics

Quo (1974)
Produced by Status Quo
Backwater (Parfitt/Lancaster) Lyrics
Just Take Me (Parfitt/Lancaster) Lyrics
Break The Rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan) Lyrics
Drifting Away (Parfitt/Lancaster) Lyrics
Don't Think It Matters (Parfitt/Lancaster)Lyrics
Fine Fine Fine (Rossi/Young)Lyrics
Lonely Man(Parfitt/Lancaster) Lyrics
Slow Train (Rossi/Young) Lyrics

On The Level (1975)
On The Level
Produced by Status Quo
Little Lady (Parfitt) Lyrics
Most Of The Time (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
I Saw The Light (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Over And Done (Lancaster) Lyrics
Nightride (Parfitt/Young) Lyrics
Down Down (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Broken Man (Lancaster) Lyrics
What To Do (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Where I Am (Parfitt) Lyrics
Bye Bye Johnny (Berry) Lyrics

Blue For You (1976)
Blue For You
Produced by Status Quo
and Damon Lyon-Shaw
Is There A Better Way (Lancaster/Rossi) Lyrics
Mad About The Boy (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Ring Of A Change (Young/Rossi) Lyrics
Blue For You (Lancaster) Lyrics
Rain (Parfitt) Lyrics
Rolling Home (Lancaster/Rossi) Lyrics
That's A Fact (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Ease Your Mind (Lancaster) Lyrics
Mystery Song (Parfitt/Young) Lyrics

Live! (1977)
Produced by Status Quo.
Junior's Wailing (White/Pugh)
Backwater (Parfitt/Lancaster)
Just Take Me (Parfitt/Lancaster)
Is There A Better Way (Lancaster/Rossi)
In My Chair (Rossi/ Parfitt)
Little Lady (Parfitt)
Most Of The Time (Rossi/Young)
Forty-Five Hundred Times (Rossi/Parfitt)
Roll Over Lay Down (Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan)
Big Fat Mama (Rossi/Parfitt)
Caroline (Rossi/Young)
Bye Bye Johnny (Berry)
Rain (Parfitt)
Don't Waste My Time (Rossi/Young)
Roadhouse Blues (Doors)

Rockin' All Over The World (1977)
Rockin' All Over The World
Produced by Pip Williams
Hard Time (Rossi/Parfitt) Lyrics
Can't Give You More (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Let's Ride (Lancaster) Lyrics
Baby Boy (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
You Don't Own Me (Lancaster/Green) Lyrics
Rockers Rollin' (Parfitt/Lynton) Lyrics
Rockin' All Over The World (Fogerty) Lyrics
Who Am I? (Williams/Hutchins) Lyrics
Too Far Gone (Lancaster) Lyrics
For You (Parfitt) Lyrics
Dirty Water (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Hold You Back (Rossi/Young/Parfitt) Lyrics
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