Quo Albums 1978 - 1981

If You Can't Stand The Heat (1978)
If You Can't Stand The Heat
Produced by Pip Williams
Again And Again (Parfitt/Lynton/Bown) Lyrics
I'm Giving Up My Worryin' (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Gonna Teach You To Love Me (Lancaster/Green) Lyrics
Someone Show Me Home (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Long Legged Linda (Bown) Lyrics
Oh' What A Night (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Accident Prone (Williams/Hutchins) Lyrics
Stones (Lancaster) Lyrics
Let Me Fly (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Like A Good Girl (Rossi/Young) Lyrics

Whatever You Want (1979)
Whatever You Want
Produced by Pip Williams
Whatever You Want (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Shady Lady (Rossi/Young) Lyrics
Who Asked You (Lancaster) Lyrics
Your Smiling Face (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Living On An Island (Parfitt/Young) Lyrics
Come Rock with Me (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Rockin' On (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Runaway (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Breaking Away (Rossi/Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics

12 Gold Bars (1980)
12 Gold Bars 1980
Produced by Pip Williams
* Produced by Roger Glover
Rockin' All Over The World (Fogerty)
Down Down (Rossi/Young)
Caroline (Rossi/Young)
Paper Plane (Rossi/Young)
Break The Rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
Again And Again (Parfitt/Bown/Lynton)
Mystery song (Parfitt/Young)
Roll Over Lay Down (Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan)
Rain (Parfitt)
Wild Side Of Life (Warren/Carter) *
Whatever You Want (Parfitt/Bown)
Living On An Island (Parfitt/Young)

Just Supposin' (1980)
Just Supposin'
Produced by Status Quo and John Eden
What Your're Proposing (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Run To Mummy (Rossi/Bown) Lyrics
Don't Drive My Car (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Lies (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Over The Edge (Lancaster/Lamb) Lyrics
The Wild Ones (Lancaster) Lyrics
Name Of The Game (Rossi/Lancaster/Bown) Lyrics
Coming And Going (Parfitt/Young) Lyrics
Rock 'N' Roll (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics

Never Too Late (1981)
Never Too Late
Produced by Status Quo and John Eden
Never Too Late (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Something 'Bout You Baby I like (Supa) Lyrics
Take Me Away (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Falling In Falling Out (Parfitt/Bown/Young) Lyrics
Carol (Berry) Lyrics
Long Ago (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
Mountain Lady (Lancaster) Lyrics
Don't Stop Me Now (Lancaster/Bown) Lyrics
Enough Is Enough (Rossi/Parfitt/Frost) Lyrics
Riverside (Rossi/Frost) Lyrics
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