Quo Albums 1982 - 1988

1+9+8+2 (1982)
Produced by Status Quo
She Don't Fool Me (Parfitt/Bown) Lyrics
Young Pretender (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Get Out And Walk (Parfitt/Bown)Lyrics
Jealousy (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
I Love Rock And Roll (Lancaster)Lyrics
Resurrection (Bown/Parfitt)Lyrics
Dear John (Gustafson/Macauley)Lyrics
Doesn't Matter (Frost/Rossi)Lyrics
I Want The World to KnowLyrics
I Should Have Known (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Big Man (Lancaster/Green)Lyrics

Live At The N.E.C. (1982)
Live At The N.E.C.
Produced by Status Quo
Caroline (Rossi/Young)
Roll Over Lay Down (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
Backwater (Parfitt/Lancaster
Little Lady (Parfitt)
Don't Drive My Car (Parfitt/Bown)
Whatever you Want (Parfitt/Bown
Hold you Back (Rossi/Young/Parfitt
Rockin' All Over The World (Fogerty)
Over The Edge (Lancaster/Lamb
Don't Waste My Time (Rossi/Young)

Back To Back (1983)
Back To Back
Produced by Status Quo
A Mess Of Blues (Pomus/Shuman)Lyrics
Ol' Rag Blues (Lancaster/Lamb)Lyrics
Can't Be Done (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Too Close To The Ground (Parfitt/Bown)Lyrics
No Contract (Parfitt/Bown)Lyrics
Win Or Lose (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Marguerita Time (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Your Kind Of Love (Lancaster)Lyrics
Stay The Night (Rossi/FrostMiller)Lyrics
Going Down Town tonight (Johnson)Lyrics

12 Gold Bars Vol 2 (1984)
12 Gold Bars Vol 2
Produced by Status Quo
* Produced by Status Quo and John Eden
** Produced by Pip Williams

What You're Proposin' *
Lies *
Something 'Bout you Baby I Like *
Don't Drive My Car *
Dear John
Rock 'N' Roll *
Ol' Rag Blues
Mess Of The Blues
Marguerita Time
Going Down Town Tonight
The Wanderer **
Caroline (Live At The N.E.C.)

In The Army Now (1986)
In The Army Now
Produced by Pip Williams
* Produced by Dave Edmunds
Rollin' Home (John David) * Lyrics
Calling (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
In Your Eyes (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Save Me (Rossi/Parfitt)Lyrics
In The Army Now (Bolland/Bolland)Lyrics
Dreamin' (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
End Of The Line (Patrick/Parfitt)Lyrics
Invitation (Rossi/Young)Lyrics
Red Sky (John David)Lyrics
Speechless (Ian Hunter)Lyrics
Overdose (Williams/Parfitt)Lyrics

Ain't Complaining (1988)
Ain't Complaining
Produced by Pip Williams
Ain't Complaining (Rossi,Williams,Parfitt)Lyrics
Everytime I Think Of You (Edwards,Rich,Paxman)Lyrics
One For The Money (Parfitt,Williams)Lyrics
Another Shipwreck (Bown)Lyrics
Don't Mind If I Do (Rossi/Edwards)Lyrics
I Know You're Leaving Lyrics
Cross That Bridge (John David)Lyrics
Cream Of The Crop (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
The Loving Game (Parfitt,Edwards/Rich)Lyrics
Who Gets The Love (Williams/Goodisin)Lyrics
Burning Bridges (Rossi/Bown)Lyrics
Magic (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics

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