Quo Albums 1989 - 1996

Perfect Remedy (1989)
Perfect Remedy
Produced by Pip Williams
Little Dreamer (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Not At All (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Heart On Hold (Bown/Palmer)Lyrics
Perfect Remedy (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Address Book (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
The Power Of Rock (Parfitt/Williams/Rossi)Lyrics
The Way I Am (Edwards/Rich/Paxman)Lyrics
Tommys In Love (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Man Overboard (Parfitt/Williams)Lyrics
Going Down For The First Time (Bown/Edwards)Lyrics
Throw Her A Line (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
1000 Years (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics

Rock 'Till You Drop (1991)
Rock 'Till You Drop
Produced by Francis Rossi
Like A Zombie (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
All We Really Wanna Do (Polly) (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Fakin' The Blues (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
One Man Band (Parfitt/Williams)Lyrics
Rock 'Til You Drop (Bown)Lyrics
Can't Give You More (Rossi/Young)Lyrics
Warning Shot (Bown/Edwards)Lyrics
Let's Work Together (Wilbur/Harrison) Lyrics
Bring It On Home (Sam Cooke)Lyrics
No Problems (Rossi/Parfitt)Lyrics
Good Sign (Parfitt/Williams)Lyrics
Tommy (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Nothing Comes Easy (Rossi/Parfitt/Bown/Edwards/Rich)Lyrics
Fame Or Money (Rossi/Bown)Lyrics
Price Of Love (Everly/Everly)Lyrics
Forty Five Hundred Times (Rossi/Parfitt)Lyrics

Live Alive Quo (1993)
Live Alive Quo

Whatever you Want
In The Army now
Burning Bridges
Rockin' All Over The World
Roadhouse Medley
Don't Drive My Car
Hold You Back
Little Lady

Thirsty Work (1994)
Thirsty Work
Produced by Francis Rossi
Goin' Nowhere (Rossi/Frost/Macannany)Lyrics
Didn't Mean It (John David)Lyrics
Confidence (Bown)Lyrics
Point Of No Return (Bown/Edwards)Lyrics
Sail Away (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Like It Or Not (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Soft In The Head (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Queenie (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Lover Of The Human Race (Rossi/Bown)Lyrics
Sherri Don't Fail Me Now! (Bown/Edwards)Lyrics
Rude Awakening Time (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Back On My Feet (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Restless (J Warnes)Lyrics
Ciao-Ciao (Rossi/Bown)Lyrics
Tango (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics
Sorry (Rossi/Frost)Lyrics

Don't Stop (1996)
Don't Stop
Produced by Pip Williams
Fun, Fun, FunLyrics
When You Walk In The RoomLyrics
I Can Hear The Grass GrowLyrics
You Never Can Tell (It Was A Teenage Wedding)Lyrics
Get BackLyrics
Safety DanceLyrics
Raining In My HeartLyrics
Don't StopLyrics
Proud MaryLyrics
Johnny and MaryLyrics
Get Out Of DenverLyrics
The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)Lyrics
All Around My HatLyrics
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