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Part 9: 2 - 0!
Small world, isn't it? I was walking to Wembley Arena last night, and this couple asked me the way to the venue, I started walking with them and got chatting. Very nice they were, then somehow it came out he used to play for the mighty Bees. I looked at him and realised is was Alan Hawley, my childhood idol. I seriously went a bit weak at the knees, what a lovely man he is, enjoyed talking about the game and the Bees, the club he always supported, he only ever played for them, did you know that? I know, he can't have been any good etc, well he was, no arguments please, I have spoken.

Which brings me on nicely to other events earlier today from St. Mary's, a football ground in Southampton, where the mighty Bees were playing. I know there's a fair few Saints fans read my log, so, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Final score Southampton NIL, yes that's right in case you didn't get it the first time, NIL, ZERO, NIX, NOTHING, NO GOALS - Brentford 2. In French that would be deux, in German Swei, Anyway, we won, and at a canter by all accounts. Still, I won't bring that up again, (Alexander, Macdonald). Sorry, I thought you might like to know the names of the Brentford scorers. Saints scorers.............

Preamble over, Amsterdam next, what a lovely city, I had the wife with me, (which was nice) and what better place to see Quo? Good beer, and lots of it, in the air, on the floor and down throats, which when opened as one big Dutch gob make a hell of a noise. They never cease to amaze me, the Dutch billy. You have to go a long way to beat them. Actually about 600 miles if you take the E 34 to Antwerp, isn”t that one way system a bastard?

Then of course up to Calais, shut up John, you are really boring today. Fair enough John, what do you think John. Well, I think that if Natalie Wood, Edward Woodward, Roy Wood and Sir Clive Woodward were talking about whether they would or not, the question might be "Edward Woodward would, Nathalie Woodward wouldn't but would Wood, Woodward?"

By the way I meant Glasgow re noise. Back to Hamsterjam, it's great to play to people who have just come out to party and ROCK, no rocket science, it's quite similar to what we played last time, but they la la la like it. Carousel Vertigo supported by the way, I hear they are going to play the spiritual home of QuofansEurope, Ma Kelly's (www.makellysmuziekcafe.nl) sometime in June. I reckon they'll really rock it out in a funky club like that.

On to the German tour, with another opening act, the Spider Murphy gang. I don't quite get it, probably as they sing in German, but I hear the lyrics are really funny and Spider himself seems very relaxed with the audience on stage. Back to small world, I actually had a jam with Willy their guitarist in 1982, and he knows my German brother in law! Cue Do do do do do do do do and other outer limits style music. He said I was crap but I had a really good bass so he followed my career!

By the way our goals came in the 14th and 28th minutes yesterday.

Obviously a good ticket the 2 bands together as we did serious amounts of Wilhelm in the East of the country, which hasn't always been good for us. Places like Erfurt, which brings back fond memories, what views there are to be had there, and Zwickau, home of no less a Communist icon than the Trabant car. I am not a particular fan of cars by the way, I have an Aldi A4, works fine, but when we played Stuttgart I went to the Mercedes museum, fantastic. In the top 5 museums I ever went to, a really well thought out space, 10 out of 10.
Went to the BMW one in Munich, not in the same class. Now, people at Mercedes, please may I have a free car?
I must actually say that the BMW one had a great bit, where famous artists use a car as a canvas, that was great, Warhol, Hockney, Coombs, and loads of others, all of who have last names, I just can't remember them that's all. So, if Mercedes won't let me have one, maybe you will, ex demo would be fine by the way. Thanking you in advance.

If anyone is interested apropo of nothing, my favourite columnist is Robert Crampton, works for the Times and has a column called Beta male in the bolour supplement, love it. (Aren't I a silly bunt).

Got to go, bath running, must catch it before it starts causing trouble, laters.

Back after a soundcheck at a freezing Nottingham Arena.I prefer gigging at the Playhouse here,if I remember rightly we even broke the floor there! rock 'n roll baby.

By the way, some match facts from yesterday. Ricky Lambert, Million pound signing for Southampton, no goals. Charlie Macdonald, 50k from Southend, 1 goal. Gary Alexander, free transfer from Millwall, one goal. But who's counting? Me, that's who.

Anyway, back to Chermany. I had one of those nights in Munich Olympiahalle. Just a special performance, you don't know why it is but you feel about 15 feet tall and if you point at someone in the back row they know you're pointing at them, fantastic night. Loads of technical problems for me, but no big deal. In fact myself and Andrew don't get too phased when things go wrong, must be something to do with the fact that the audience don't give a shit if one side of your in ear monitors has a local cab company coming out of it.
You know, the quiet bit in Oriental for example, and all you can hear (In German) is "Red Lion 1 to base. POB" A tad off putting, but so what.

Just finished Keith Richard's book by the way, not bad, but he is a bit up himself. But then wouldn't anybody be if they were him? Probably.

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Spider Murphy Gang, nice lot, working with them next year, looking forward to it.

Tara for now,

PS. What can I get my wifely duties person for Christmas? Help!

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Bees v Saints, by God.
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