Rhino's Quid Pro Quo Tourlog 2011  
Part 5:

As I say, sometimes these Logs are like waiting for a bus. Nothing for ages then 2 come along at once.

Sitting in my dressing room in Glasgow at the last show of the year, listening to the super Bees, winning one nil away at Bury, AKA the Shakers, why they're called that I don't know and don't want to. Getting near Christmas, it's weird how the year goes, starts to rush by from about October. Phew! Bury nearly scored. Quite a lot to write about in the 10 minutes I have set aside for this edition, 10 minutes normally means about 2 hours why the way. Bury have just had a player sent off. Gutted...

I must say that the last 3 months have been among the most enjoyable I've ever had on the road. Even with not drinking, smoking and carbs which I've decided to dispense with for the German leg. I mean the beer is so rubbish isn't it. What has been so good has been the bands we've been touring with. I wrote working just there, but had to change it to touring for the obvious reason that this is not exactly work. Lucky Johnny boy.

The Hooters. What a lovely lovely bunch of people, and what a great band they are. Rob the keyboard player wrote Time after time with Cindy Lauper. Have a look on Wikipedia and see how many people have covered that song and you will understand why I asked Rob to lend me 300 quid instead of the usual fiver. Fudge it! Bury have just equalised! Bolleaux! Then you have Eric. He wrote One of us for Joan Osbourne and about 8 hits for Ricky Martin. Then you have their great songs like Satellite, Johnny B and the wonderfully entitled Pissing in the Rhine. I managed to turn Dave the drummer on to a part of Free he'd never heard as in My brother Jake and it blew him away. I am such a hardcore fan, love to spread the word.

I think we are a tad shall we say over exposed in Germany, a bit thin on the ground re Billy in some places, but a rockin' time was had by all that came. When a good band opens for you it definitely makes you up your game, we really did. Kiel was especially good, but Bielefeld was for me the best show in YEARS!

Loved the park thingy in Bayreuth, but the offstage highlight was a model. Phwoarr! Actually it was a model truck that a German guy called Jürgen Bäumlisberger had made, about 1/16th scale I think, and he brought it to Heilbronn. Attention to detail or what? It also had a hard drive and played loads of (funnily enough) Quo songs, had a light show and all. These are some photos of it... if you can't see them maybe I was on drugs and hallucinated the whole thing.

Thanks to all that came including a small but very very selective English contingent, thanks for coming Kim and all of you, by the way Kim, I shall be giving you the same present this year as last xxx

Soooo, the UK tour. Great set or what? Chock full of hits, just what our fans want. Makes a change to tailor a show for a tour, so don't worry, the next tour will be called “B sides and other rarities”, we'll be gigging extensively with it, maybe about 4 shows playing venues with a capacity of, I don't know, say 80. we might even sell some of them out. Whoopee!!!

Back to the real world, I think Kim Wilde pleasantly surprised a lot of people (that sounds suspiciously like a double entendre there) as I know she would, and of course Lord Roy of Wooddom, as good time as ever, even with his bad back. God, aren't we all knocking on here! He was playing a wrong chord on the encore, yeah I know he wasn't the only one, OK? But anyway, I said after the gig, “Roy, I'd like to tell you you're playing a wrong chord, but as it's you, I can't!”

What a great band he”s got, Paul Corry, one of his tenor players has done an album with him playing the lot, flash bastard, anyway you can check it out on iTunes or Spotify it's under the title of Bluesfreak, check iy aaht naah innit. Rockin' actually.

Anyway, that was then and this is now. All done, just finished the last Quofest 2011 show in Glasgow, and as another first I got left behind by the bus. Are they trying to tell me something? They came back by the way.

I reckon it's a winner. I can tell you that backstage was a really really happy place to be.3 great bands. everybody having a fun time musicians and crews alike. What a great ticket! Money well spent I can assure you folks. Will finish this later. Good night.

Now it is xmas eve, I have been remiss, but

I would like to wish you dear readers, yes both of you, a big Quo Ho Ho Merry Christmas and a great 2012, and of course, as the actress said to the Bishop, thanks for coming.

Gonna be interesting next year...

YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!

Bah humbug xxxx


All pictures by Simon Cooper

Except Jürgen Bäumlisberger's Quo Truck by Jürgen Bäumlisberger.

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