Max Wall and Rhino Edwards Wotcha! It’s me again, the second rate bass guitarist and fourth rate vocalist from a Status Quo tribute band, as someone wrote about me the other day. I am SOOO upset, I thought I was much worse than that.

Siting on the bus at Kendal Rugby club, where we’re due to perform tonight for your delectation and delight ladies and gentlemen. And guess what? The cloud has found us. In a big way. It PISSED down all day yesterday at Children in need Carfest South charity do, it was a real shame. But miraculously (hey, I spelt that right first time, what a guy!) it stopped just before we went on.

I did feel though, as I was cheerfully murdering Rain, that we could have put a different song in its place. I’m not convinced Kendal will escape the wrath of the Quo Nimbostratus (that’s the right word, I looked it up) either unfortunately, but as the song says you pay your money you take your choice.

It’s the last of our summer shows today, it’s been a real good 3 months, some great shows and good times. Just the 4 more after this then an 8 month break for most of us. Going to be weird. If you read this stuff regularly you’ll know my plans for the next few months, but I’m going to miss the Quo side of things.

I’m trying to remember where we played in chronological order, but Doctor Lee hasn’t updated his site yet, so I’m a bit stumped. Here goes: It was definitely Norway next, how much? I walked into town from the hotel, and changed 20 quid into Norwegian Krone for lunch. I want to a burger van as I wanted to keep moving. Jacket potato, 12 quid. With bacon and sweetcorn 16 quid. I bought postcards instead and walked back for lunch. We watched England beat Sweden in the afternoon, I thought it was the first game we’d looked like a real team, expectations getting higher now.

On a totally different note, and I mean totally, did you know the origin of the name Haribo, as in the sweets? Neither did I until Tanya Buck, our lovely lovely production assistant told me. It’s an acronym of Hans Riegel, Bonn. So now you know.

Busses On to Middlesborough, England. I ate a local delicacy called a Parmo whilst in town, chicken and cheese basically with frying and grilling involved, fanbloodytastic it was. Walking back to the gig, I saw this display showing the prices for student drinks. Now I know I’m old, but that’s absolutely mad. Giving kids, ‘cos that’s what they are, that amount of drink for that money is taking the piss, and it’s cynical. No wonder they get so shitfaced. Bonkers.

Anyway, Poundland is closing down, so I was able to buy 2 pairs of reading glasses for 50p. Result! I’m going to miss them, not as much as some of the poor people though. The show was great, boiling hot, loud as you like, and it was a love in for us and Billy.

Up to Scotland next, Rewind North at Scone Palace. Lovely day. I saw the other version of UB 40 (there are 2, if you want to see a programme about a band splintering, search out the documentary about them, it’s incredible). They were about as interesting as the other version, that’s one band I don’t get at all. Mind you, I don’t like Reggae very much, that could be part of it. But I do like the Selecter, although that’s more a Ska thing.

Wendy James of Transvision Vamp was on, she has a shall I say interesting voice, but she opened with a song called You’d better tell that girl to shut up. That’s a real belter that one. Bumped into Cammy the Morton fan there, he’s another one with the Quo bug. Bonnie Tyler was performing as well, she really gives it some does the lovely Gaynor Hopkins, she’s so nice as well.

The Point Carfest North next, great weather again, I saw the Proclaimers for the first time, I thought they were briulliant (Scotch for brilliant), and then Burt Bacharach. It was amazing. One of the best things I have ever seen. He’s 90 I think, and still doing it, with a fantastic band. You could hear a pin drop in the audience (which was probably 20,000), it was really special. And I got to shake his hand, so I’m charging anyone 20 quid to shake the hand of someone who’s shaken hands with Burt Bacharach. Here’s something. You know if you’re famous when your name is on spellcheck, as his is. I spelt it wrong and it highlighted red. That’s fame for you.

Anyway, time to crack on. We stopped in Reims for 12 hours. Wow. That place is worth anyone’s time and money. Such architecture and history. And it’s in the middle of Champagne, as Lloyd and Richie can attest to. It was en route (that’s French for en route) to Craponne, in the middle of the countryside.

Lovely Country festival, but they decided to start booking rock acts, so they done book us. Beautiful setting, a great American band, whose name I don’t know, but they were still great, we did our thing and they seemed to like it, job done squire.

I’m off to walk around Kendal and probably get wet, laters...
Wotcha! I’m back and didn’t get wet, in fact I went to a serious art gallery, which were nice.

On another note, let me introduce to you Ben Calvert, employee of the month. Ben works for Leon, and also the Libertines. He also was the drummer in Killing Joke so I think I can safely say he has experience of differing music styles. He also pours a mean, mean cup of tea.

From Craponne, in typical Quo logistical style, we went to Denmark.
Via a 12 hour stopover in Hannover, where it was so hot I went into a shop, bought a complete new set of clothes and put them on there and then. In the changing rooms by the way. To a quarter horse town called Tarn, which was near the gig the next day at Borkhaven. Another scorcher. We played in a tent, and had a lovely evening with our Danish friends after the gig.

Day off in Leipzig, my new favourite German city, where myself and Andy May went to visit Colditz castle, which had been a prison camp for officers during WW 2. The photo is of the solitary confinement room, although when I saw it I remember thinking "I’ve had worse hotel rooms than this". It was a truly memorable visit.

The Dog at Upton on Severn I then got very drunk listening to an East German sixties covers band, which actually was miles better than the concept sounds.
Again, like Reims, Leipzig is worth anyone’s time and money. In fact I’m going back there in November for a weekend. Next, Lieder am See, beautiful setting on a lake, with the original Gypsy Kings, strange pairing, us and them but it really worked. Couple that with the Spider Murphy gang, who were on first, and it shouldn’t really go together, but it did. I just repeated myself there.

Time to stop. Shower, gig, then I’ll finish this on t’bus.
It’s me. I’m back. Whoopee!

Alcatraz. Great crowd, fantastic set up, I watched Dee Schneider, he formerly of the Sisters that were Twisted. Very good and very funny, he can really work a crowd that guy. He did, I think, 4 reprises of the chorus of "We’re not gonna take it". Milk it baby!

Wrong slot for us, we should have gone on earlier, but I think they liked it. Ritterhude, Germany. Pissed down all day. Had a goulash suppe with the lovely Nicole, another one with Quoitis. Rain stopped, blinding gig. We did soundcheck, and I mentioned it was one of the best I’d ever done. Everyone agreed, so we thought the gig wouldn’t be as good. Wrong. It was fantastic, really really great, the best of the summer so far.

Next up Rottweill, which is where Rottweillers come from, butcher’s dogs they were called as they used to move the sheep to market from the fields. Betcha didn’t know that, and if you did you’re a right effin’ smartarse. The best venue ever. An old power station, Kraftwerk it’s called. Amazing. If I wanted to watch a band, that’s the kind of place I’d want to go to.

Brilliant, brilliant show. Francis not so keen, he had sound issues, rest of us vibing like anything. I also remember the opening act, again I can’t remember their name, but from the dressing room their last song sounded like it was called Spunk in your eye.

Next, Wanfried, a town which had one half in the East of Germany and one half in the West when the wall was up. Beautiful weather, on the riverbank, luverly jubberly.

Margaret Edwards - 99 years!

Which brings me nearly to the end of this summer’s shenanigans. Upton on Severn, where the Wurzels were on before us. Weird.

Another Carfest, this time in Overton, Hampshire. As I said earlier, it pissed down. But I got to watch Clean Bandit, they were really great. 2 of them were at Uni with my Max, and I got to have a chat with one of them, Jack. What a nice guy, and I loved what they’re doing.

Which leaves me with tonight in Kendal. The only show of the summer I didn’t really enjoy, for whatever reason, still you can’t win ‘em all, and we got a good reaction, which is what it’s all about.

There was one gig I can’t really remember a lot about, except that it was in a town square, Sunday evening. 8.30 curfew. Until the monitor mixing desk blew up. Curfew magically extended. Which was handy, otherwise we would have started with Rockin’ all over the World and said ta ta. So all good.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I leave you with a photo of my mother Margaret, who was 99 this week and still rockin’.

Squeak on, Edwards x  

Margaret Edwards - 99 years!

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